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An Apple for the Teacher

On our promotional materials for our driving school that we send to the courts, we include the following:

What do I need to bring?

1. Driver license

2. Citation or court documents if available

3. Payment

4. Snacks, drinks

5. Apple for the teacher 😉

Recently we have had a few people act on # 5. A participant brought both Sue and Callie, our teacher and assistant a fresh, delicious red apple a couple of Saturdays ago. And

Senior holding white mug saying Teacher Fuel
RightLane instructor Vince with his apple gift.

one student in June hit the door lamenting she forgot her apple. BUT then she called back two weeks later saying she had “an apple” for Vince. She remarked how she loved Vince’s class and that we had been so friendly on phone calls she made to register and to ask for directions. She made the 40 minute drive back to Franklin from Dickson to bring wrapped “apples.” See photo of Vince opening his “teacher fuel” mug and our new “apple bank.”

We’re glad to know we’re apple-worthy. When’s the last time you took an apple to your teacher? Let me just say, even driving school teachers love the love.

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