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RightLane Speaks at NRECA Safety Summit in Atlanta

Safety Leadership Summit

Do not try to double fist a hot coffee and a water while riding down the escalator at a Safety Summit! Why? The people around you take SAFETY seriously. They will either call you out on it OR run over to graciously offer to help. We were reminded of their commitment with signs at every staircase, strongly encouraging us to “use the handrails!”

RightLane spoke at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Safety Summit in April in Atlanta. The NRECA might be the most safety conscious organization in the U.S. They have to be since their utility workers are executing dangerous procedures on live, high voltage wires in often threatening weather conditions.

RightLane was there to remind attendees that SAFETY does not stop once they’re away from high voltage. In our breakout session on Distracted and Defensive Driving, we asked attendees to reflect on one part of their job—driving a vehicle—that just might be the most dangerous activity they do every single day. Because focus counts! Climbing a pole. Clearing storm damage. Driving a vehicle. Yielding to workers on the roadway. We all simply want to get home SAFELY every night.

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