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RightLane “on fire” with timely message in Atlanta

Remember that day that I-85 caught on fire in Atlanta? Two days later RightLane crammed a room beyond capacity to deliver our Multitasking and Productivity message to college women leaders.

We were invited by the Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership Conference to speak and had an overwhelming response. As a result we are doing personal accountability follow-up with all of the young women who expressed a desire to change. Their challenges and intentions included:

  • Be Present. Put the phone away more and live life.

  • Take the time to focus on one task in small increments and share the information I learned with my executive board.

  • Focus more on one task at a time. Use a timer.

  • Turn off notifications. Download Moment to stay more aware.

  • Take breaks to let my brain be quiet and rededicate myself to turning off phone during studying.

  • Take quiet time, do one thing at a time, put down my phone.

  • Put my phone down when doing homework.

  • Be intentional about being present in my Greek community

  • To take a ten minute, nothing break. Lord, my brain needs it.

  • Put up my phone while studying and take breaks. Possibly have a talk with my chapter. They have problems with procrastination.

  • I'm going to limit the number of notifications that pop up on my phone and set blocks of uninterrupted time before checking notifications.

  • Dedicate more time to doing nothing instead of always something

  • Leave my phone in my room when I go work on homework. Keep my planner and reminder on paper and not in my phone.

And here’s a final comment from a participant who aptly summarized our message:

Understand that multitasking is not a normal brain activity and focusing on one thing at a time is vital to success!”

RightLane is proud to be a leader in this Single-tasking movement.

RightLane presenting at CCWL Conference

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