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Are schools that offer driving lessons hard to find? Or too expensive? We teach Tennessee laws, while concentrating also on the CHOICES we make when we drive. Choices that not only affect us, but also

other drivers on the road.



  • Safety features in our vehicles, including why we should wear our seatbelt, how to set our mirrors, and when to use our headlights.

  • Regular vehicle maintenance activities

  • Overview and meaning of road signs and road markings.

  • Proper ways to merge, use turn signals, maintain a safe following distance, be safe at intersections, and maneuvering through a roundabout.

  • How to share the road with bicyclists, motorcycles, semi-trucks, school buses, emergency vehicles, pedestrians, funeral processions and animals.

  • Choices we make behind the wheel, aggressive driving, and resisting the urge to retaliate

  • Speeding: why we speed and the dangers of speeding, how speed limits are set, driving in inclement weather, and best practices to stop speeding.

  • Impaired Driving: the dangers of impaired driving, factors that contribute to BAC, DUI laws & fines, and how to avoid impaired driving.

  • Drowsy Driving: best practices to avoid drowsy driving.

  • Distracted Driving: types of distractions, dangers of distracted driving, state cellphone laws, addiction to our phones, and the myth of multi-tasking.

We do not cover everything that may be on the Tennessee Permit Test.

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Surprisingly Enjoyable. I expected to be bored and put to sleep. I was wrong. This was a great course. Thank you.

5 starts

Ben O.


594 Reviews

I was dreading taking defensive driving, but these ladies made it an easy, down to earth experience.  I love the shorter videos on each subject.  It made going through all the material much easier. Thank you!

5 starts

Francine M.

Easy. Educational. Engaging. Course is easy to take and keeps your attention. You can even learn something after 40 years of driving.

5 starts

David L.

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