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Sharon Winter, RightLane co-owner

Sharon graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BA in Communications. She holds a Masters of Education from Belmont University. Sharon worked at Lindsey Wilson College and Belmont in several capacities from Admissions to Development to Online and Continuing Education. She was an on-air hostess for a Nashville real estate show and acted in several movies, commercials, and video and print projects in the Southeast. She has a gift for training and a passion for driving and Ford Mustangs. 



Donna graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She was Vice President of National Accounts for AmerisourceBergen, a healthcare company, has developed software implementation training for hospital companies, and delivered stand-up training and presentations in sales, software, and management development. She has a competitive nature which is sometimes revealed on the tennis court. 

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Donna Bayless, RightLane co-owner

Donna Bayless and Sharon Winter, RightLane owners, are lifelong friends who grew up together in Kentucky’s horse country, drove white '65 Mustangs in high school, pursued very different careers and eventually reconnected in Nashville, Tennessee.  They founded RightLane in 2015 to answer a looming question… 


Why is everyone staring at their phones while driving? 


Donna and Sharon dug deeply into the reasons, both scientific and behavioral, and discovered those drivers were attempting to multitask.  After exploring the many facets of multitasking, they realized that as humans we can't do it. People are zipping along in their cars focused on their phones and literally running into each other. 


So RightLane set out to “right” this phenomenon.  To positively impact more drivers, RightLane purchased The Tennessee Driver Defensive Driving School in Franklin, TN in 2016.  The school garners amazing reviews. Attendees love the interaction as they meet new people, laugh, learn new laws, do NOT watch gory, boring videos, and reconsider their own attitudes behind the wheel.   

Later that same year, they developed a safe driving program to take on the road to employers. The reaction was positive, and the program grew quickly. To date, Donna and Sharon have trained over 8,000 employees from Alaska to Key West and have spoken at numerous national Safety Conferences.

In 2020, RightLane created their first online safety course - the Tennessee 4-hour Traffic School - which was certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety. In 2022 they were awarded the Kentucky state contract for online State Traffic School and the online Graduated Licensing Course by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. RightLane is the only company certified to offer these courses in Kentucky. 

In 2023, RightLane branched further into online driver safety courses by offering 55+ Mature Driver Safety Classes in both Kentucky and Tennessee.


Donna and Sharon love having a positive impact on people while making the roads safer for everyone. 

"Lifelong friends have a chemistry that shows. These two ladies know how to hold a room simply with their easy banter and their rock solid training skills and current information."


Director of Operations | Franklin Transit Authority

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