RightLane Speaks at NRECA Safety Summit in Atlanta

Do not try to double fist a hot coffee and a water while riding down the escalator at a Safety Summit! Why? The people around you take SAFETY seriously. They will either call you out on it OR run over to graciously offer to help. We were reminded of their commitment with signs at every staircase, strongly encouraging us to “use the handrails!” RightLane spoke at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Safety Summit in April in Atlanta. The NRECA might be the most safety conscious organization in the U.S. They have to be since their utility workers are executing dangerous procedures on live, high voltage wires in often threatening weather conditions. RightLane was there to remi

HeeHaw, RightLane, MPI and a Legendary Circle

Congratulations to Sharon Winter, my business partner and dynamo, who was recently nominated as Supplier of the Year for Meeting Professionals International, Tennessee Chapter. The nomination was celebrated at none other than the Grand Ole Opry, on the legendary Circle at center stage and in Studio A, where HeeHaw was filmed for many years. RightLane is a supplier member of MPI-TN and has been tapped to speak to their membership twice since last November. Congratulations to both Sharon and the Tennessee Chapter on Grand Ole Excellence!

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